About Sun & Psychē

Artwork and prints, with soul.

Psyche (/ˈsaɪkiː/;[2] Greek: Ψυχή) The Greek goddess of the soul.

Sun and Psyche - Paper Watercolor butterfly wall art

Sun & Psychē evokes the creative mind of Artist Bridget Kilgallon to reality in the form of prints, cards, and original paintings.

Each delicate brushstroke invokes a sense of wonder and magic. Delicate, dark, and romantic, Sun & Psychē pieces cast an otherworldly spark onto the wall of any interior space or the inside of any envelope.

Sun and Psyche artist Bridget Kilgallon Signature

Meet the Artist: Bridget Kilgallon

Bridget is a self-taught artist based out of Bishop, California. This collection attempts to communicate how we transmute times of trauma and loss into creative expression. Her works explore the polarity between beauty and darkness through the use of multi-media techniques that reach beyond the canvas. An uncomplicated motif, the butterfly integrates deep meaning with sublime references to the intuitive subconscious and ancient symbolism. 

Artist Bridget Kilgallon - Self Portrait in front of a mirror with watercolor butterfly artwork.